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Gift from Peter de Valle to Peter his son, for homage and service, of all the land which Adam de Hauekessawe gave to the grantor and which he held of Henry earl of Warwick in Taneworthe in a place called Hauekessawe, lying in length between the stream of Hauekessawe and the heath, and in width between the land which the said Adam held of Roger Turkil and Richard son of Nicholas of Warwick, and the lane of Hauekessawe; also four acres of heath belonging to the same holding; to hold the same rendering annually a pair of white gloves at Easter and to the chief lord 5 shillings; and should Peter the son die without heirs of his body, then the said land to revert to the grantor. Witnesses: Richard de Taneworthe, Roger Durvassal, Robert de Fulewode, John le Archer, Roger his brother, Simon de Cherlecote, Walter his son, Roger de Sydenhale, William de Crowenhale clerk, William del Lee, Roger Gerin, Walter the clerk, William de Wistanescrofte, Roger le Moul clerk and others. Seal on tag, circular, green. A bird on a hand. Legend: SIGILLVM [PETRI] DE VALLE. Endorsed: i) Hauekessawe ii) To prove that there was one Roger Archer the brother of John Archer Latin, parchment, 61/4 x 3 ins.