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Lease with warranty from Margaret Waringe of Tanworth widow to Henry Heath alias Swan of Tanworth tanner and Elizabeth his wife of a messuage, orchard, garden and a meadow containing 2 days 'math' called Hoddes croft adjoining the said messuage in Tanworth, lying between the highway leading from Tanworth to Burmingham, the land of Andrew Archer esquire called Beamonds, the land of Richard Hunte, the land of William Payne and the lane leading from Stratford apon Haven on all sides, now in the occupation of the said Henry; to hold for the lives of the said Henry and Elizabeth, rendering annually 30s. [2 terms], the said Margaret having the right of re-entry after 20 days for non payment or arrears of the said rent; the said Henry and Elizabeth to have sufficient tynsell to keep the land enclosed, but the timber rights being reserved to the said Margaret with the right of entry and exit for the cutting and carrying away of the same; the said Henry and Elizabeth to keep the said messuage in good repair for which the said Margaret was to provide timber; the said Margaret was also to have first refusal of any assignment of the said property by the said Henry and Elizabeth. Appointment of William Chambers of Tanworth as attorney to deliver possession. Signed: Margaret Waryng by mark. Dated 27 April 31 Elizabeth. Witnesses to signing and delivery of possession, endorsed: Thomas Round, Edward Cornell', Henry Round, Thomas Jorden, Henry Chambers. Tag for seal with traces of green wax. English, parchment, 18.75 x 12.25 ins., Indented.