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Lease from Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire to John Parsons of Tanworth husbandman a messuage, garden, orchard and 3 closes of pasture adjoining the same in Tanworth then in the occupation of the said John, the said Andrew reserving all the timber and timber rights on the same; to hold for the term of his life and after his death to pass to eleanor Vnyte, wife of William Vnyte and daughter of the said John, for the term of her life, rendering annually 20s [2 terms] and heriot after the death of each of them, and also paying 4d annually to William Mountfort esquire; the said John to have the right of re-entry after one month for non-payment or arrears of the said rent; the said John to repair and maintain the said property, the said Andrew supplying great timber for the same; the said John and Eleanor having howseboote, hayboote, hedgeboote and fyreboote from the said lands during the said term; upon the death of the said John Margery Personns, wife of the said John, was to have the right to chamber and fyre room in the said messuage for the term of her life during the life of the said Eleanor; no assignment was to be made without the consent of the said Andrew in writing. Signed: Andrew Archer Dated 4 October 31 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: John Wyse, Richard Tarte, William Cooke, Richard Chamber, Robert Cooke, Edward Holbrooke scribe, Henry Yeate and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., on a shield three arrows pointing downwards. English, parchment, 20.5 x 10.75 ins., indented.