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Bond from Andrew Archer of Tanworthe esquire, Edward Benforde of the same gentleman and William Cooke of Tanworthe yeoman to Ralph Woodwarde the elder of Bythill in Alvechurch, Worcestershire, yeoman in the penal sum of £100 to secure repayment of a debt of £50 on the Eve of Whitsun [1596]. Signed: Andrew Archer, Edward Benfford. Dated 29 October 33 Elizabeth. Witnesses: Richard Acton, Francis Newbee, Richard Chambre, John Sheward, Henry Freth and William Kymberley. Memorandum, endorsed: [Andrew Archer] that this bond was delivered up and William Cooke and I made 2 new bonds, one to Daniel Woodward' and the other to Gregory Woodward to pay £26.5s to each of them 10 December 1596 ' so all the old boundes dischargedge' Latin and English, parchment, 19.75 x 2.75 ins.