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Bargain and sale with warranty from Bartholomew Ashebye of Tanworth husbandman to Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire for 100 marks of a messuage and 2 adjoining closes inTanworth called Rough Prattes, lying inlength between Gate lane and Eliots Fordrove and one pasture called Eliottes and in breadth between lands of William Moutford esquire called Good Harte land and the highway leading from Solihull to Henly in Arden, also a meadow lying at the lower end of the land called Good Harte land up to Gate lane, then in the tenure of the said Bartholomew; to hold freely for ever. Signed: Bartolomew Ashelye by mark. Dated 10 October 37 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: John Wyse, Thomas Warner, scribe, Edward Benford, Richard Jeke, John Wylkes and Richard Lucas. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in. English, parchment, 20.25 x 15.5 ins.