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Bargain and sale [ unexecuted] from Edward Bentford of Tanworth gentleman to Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire for £50 of a messuage and 3 closes of pasture and a meadow adjacent to the same in tanowrth, called Blakefildes, now or late in the occupation of Henry Hunte of Tanworth, lying between the land of Thomas Greene called Bettesworth, the land of John Court gentleman and the highway between the sities of Worcester and Coventry on all sides, together with all buildings, lands and woods; to hold freely except for the chief rent and a lease granted by Edmond, father of the said Edward, to Henry Hunt 23 May 19 Elizabeth [1577] of the said 3 closes, rendering annually 26s 8d. for 80 years, which rent now passes to the said Andrew for the remainder of the said term. Dated 16 March 34 Elizabeth. Endorsed: [SA] Concerning Blakeyldes wch Ed:Benford was once determined to have sold to Andrew Archer esq. but in wch he altered his mind. And concerning Copfeyldes Copgrove now Brokesland and later Swanes Mollordes. Latin, parchment, 17.75 x 17 ins., indented.