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Lease from Walter Hilman of Kingesnorton, Worcestershire, tanner and Anne his wife to Richard Moore of Tanworth cowper and Joan his wife for £13.6.8d of a messuage called Coyyns Place and Swannesdyche with buildings, lands and meadows belonging to the same in tanworth in the tenure of the said Richard, excepting all timber other than that needed for the repair of the said messuage or for hedging and fencing the said land; to hold for the lives of the said Richard and Joan, rendering annually £10 [ 2 terms] and 2 capons at Christmas; the said lessors having the right of re-entry for non-payment or arrears if there was not sufficient distraint; the said Richard to repair the said messuage and maintain the said lands for which he was allowed sufficient timber; the said Richard was to pay all chief rents and dues on the said lands and was to have tinsell and firewood and any underwoods, bushes or thorns removed from the said lands. Dated 18 December 38 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: John Kyrbye, John Boulte, John Whealer, Richard Browne, Alice Moore and others. 2 circular seals of black wax on tag, 1/2 in., a donkey. English, parchment, 20 x 11.75 ins., indented.