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Lease from Andrew Archer of Tonworthe esquire to Edward Archer of Toneworthe gentleman, uncle of the said Andrew, for the advancement of Thomas and Richard, youngest sons of the said Andrew, on the manor house of Vumberslade together with the park, gardens, orchards and pools adjoining the same in Tonworthe; 2 pastures called Hythe croft and Brode croft with a pool in Brode croft; one pasture with a rough and a meadow called Windemill field, a pasture called Pery Hill, a pasture called Peaze field and a meadow called Blackemore; a pasture called Dunce croft, a pasture called Ewe fields, a newly stocked pasture called Nether coppice and a pasture called Brownes; 2 pastures with meadows adjoining called the Lee; the rents from Newe land meadow in the occupation of William Cooke, together with all the wood to be cut at the next fall from all the coppice woods of the said Andrew in Tanworth; to hold from the death of the said Andrew for 13 years, rendering annually 12d., for which the said Edward, two months after the death of the said Andrew, was to give this deed to Margaret, wife of the said Andrew, together with the said manor house and land and the said rent of 12d., if the said Edward did not perform this agreement or died during the lifetime of the said Andrew, this lease was to be void. Signed, Andrew Archer. Witnesses: John Wyse, John Mountfort, William Cooke, Humphrey Heygham. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., on a shield three arrows barbes pointing downwards, the shield surmounted by the letters A A . English, parchment, 19.25 x 9.75 ins. Indented.