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Assignment from Edward Bentford of Tanworth gentleman to Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire of £ 13. 6. 8d annual rent reserved upon a lease made by Edmond, father of the said Edward, and Thomas Greene to Henry Burlye of Tanworth tanner of a messauge and close of pasture in Tanworth called Wallefield, Stonyfield, Shawcroft, Collyland, Brodfield and Gowers, late in the tenure of Thomas Greene of Tanworth, deceased; to hold for the remainder of the term defined in the original lease 8 May 16 Elizabeth [1574]. Signed: Edward Benfforde. Witnesses, endorsed: John Wyse, Henry Burley, William Cooke, Humphrey Higham, Richard Chamber, Edward Holbrooke scribe. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. Memorandum that Henry Burley attorned to the said Andrew by payment of 1d on the same day. English, parchment, 22 x 8 ins., Indented Attached: Schedule of money paid and to be paid by the said Andrew on behalf of the said Edward: 1, to Richard Greves of Moseley, Worcestershire, [Birmingham] gentleman for the redemption of land mortgaged to him by Edmond Bentford deceased...£27.4.6d. 2, to Edward Bentford, a minor, for necessaries concerning his rights... £5.15.6d. 3, for the marriage of Edward, in the custody of Andrew, who allowed him £50. 4, for heriots due to Andrew, valued at £13.6.8d 5, Andrew to pay two sisters of Edward 1 year's rent of this said assigned rent granted to him. £13.6.8d. Summa: £109.13.8d. 6, Whereof the said Andrew was to receive by this assignment £13.6.8d annually within 6 years... £76.13.8d. English, parchment, 13.5 x 6.6 ins.