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Bargain and sale with warranty from Robert Fulwood of Myddleton, Herefordshire, esquire to Thomas Greswold of Solyhull esquire for £1,680 of a capital messuage called Cleahall or Fulwood Hall in Tanworth with all mills, lands, meadows, leasows, pastures, feedings, woods, underwoods, waters, watercourses, commons, wastes, leets, courts, views, of frankpledge, liberties, privileges, franchises, enrolments, rents, services, tenements and hereditaments; a messuage and lands in Nuthurst called Bragges tenement, now in the tenure of Thomas Woodhouse; 2 closes called Ruddynes, 2 meadows called Peaches meadows and a pasture called the Peaches, all lying together in Nuthurst in the tenure of William Ichener; one pasture in Nuthurst called Barnes in the tenure of Frances Kemme widow and a messuage with lands in Tanworth in the tenure of William Beeslie; to hold freely for ever. Signed: Robert Fullwood' Dated 30 June 35 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: T J Fullwood, William Foster, Bernet Shukburge, Richard Smalbroke, William Acocke, Richard Tanaie, William Ichener. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., on a shield 3 mullets with a label in chief, the shield between the letters RF. Endorsed: [late 17th or early 18th cent] Robert Fulwood his Deede of sale to Tho. Griswold [ in a later hand] of Clea Hall. [continuing in the first hand] Dated 30 Jun 35 Eliz. English, parchment, 22.75 x 20 ins., indented.