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Lease from Thomas Griswold of Solihull gentleman to William Boesley and Katherine his wife of Tanworth, husbandman, of a messuage with a barn, orchard, garden and a croft of 1/2 acre adjoining the said messuage, and one other croft called Frame croft and certain other fields with 2 meadows lying at one end of the same called Fulwoodes fields in Tanworth, then in the occupation of the said William and Katherine, excepting all woods which were reserved to the said Thomas; to hold from the death of Joyce Fulwood of Nuthurst widow for 60 years or for their lives, rendering annually 26s 8d [2 terms]; the said Thomas having right of re-entry for non-payment or arrears after one month of any of the said terms; the said William and Katherine to keep the said property in good repair, having great timber allowed for the same, with the right to take tynsell, heyboote and fyreboote from the cropps of trees being cropped and shreddes of trees at seasonable times for use on the said land and also to stk brushwood at convenient times. Dated 7 July 35 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: T J Fullwood, Robert Fullwood, Humphrey Fullwoodd, Richard Smalbroke. Two tags for seals with traces of red wax. English, parchment, 20 x 9.5 ins., indented.