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Attested copy of the settlement previous to the marriage of John Throkmorton gentleman, son and heir of Sir Thomas Throckmerton of Coughton esquire, and Agnes, daughter of Thomas Willford of Laneham, Kent, esquire, being an agreement that all persons seised of the manor , messauges, lands and rights of Sheldon should hold the same to the use of the said John and Agnes and the male issue of the said John or in default to the rightful heirs of the said Thomas; and, after reciting a deed of 10 January 22 Elizabeth [ 1579/80] from sir Robert Throkmorton knight, late of Coughton deceased, father of the said Thomas, to sir John Goodwin of Winchington, Buckinghamshire, knight, Edmund Plowden of Bursfield, Berkshire, Edward Arden of Parkehall, and Ralph Sheldon of Beoley, Worcestershire, esquires, of the manors, lands and rights of Spernore alias Spernall and Tonworth, to hold to the said Robert for his life, then to the said Thomas, then to the said John, the deed permitting that any of the said lands could by used for jointure, which property the said Thomas has assigned to the said John 24 April [1589], that the said John assigned the said property to the said Agnes for her life, with reversion as before, so that she should receive the rents of the same if she should outlive her husband; also that if Margaret, wife of the said Thomas, died during the lifetime of the said Thomas and John, the said Thomas, within 3 months of her death, would convey the sum of £100 annual rent from lands in Warwickshire, Worcestershire or Buckinghamshire for the better maintenance of the said John during the lifetime of the said Thomas and John. Signed : By me Thomas Wilfford. Dated 26 April 31 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: John Woolmer, George Throkmerton, Thomas Ridley, Robert Farmer. Copy attested by: Simon Archer, Wiilam Chamber. English, parchment, 28 x 20 ins.