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Lease from William Mountfort of Kingeshurst esquire and Anne his wife to William Attwood alias Tayler of Tanworthe yeoman for £10 of the manor house called Codburrowe hall with gardens, orchards, moat, pools and waters belonging to the same in Tanworth with the following lands in the occupation of the said William Attwood: closes of pasture called the Motte field, Vmbrills close, Litle crofte, Plaine coppice, the Pyttie leasowes, Wyseworths, meadows called the Greate meadow, Vumbrills meadow, Benell meadow, Foxe croft and Norrys croft and meadows, crofts and pastures called Greate Wystons; to hold the said lands called Greate Wystons for 3 yyears from 20 June next and the said manor and lands from 12 December 1596 for 3 years, rendering annually £30 [2 terms]; the said lessor having the right of re-entry for non-payment or arrears after 21 days of any of the said terms; the said lessee to have hayboote, fierboote, ploewboote and carteboote to be used on the said lands and the right to cut down woods and underwoods, except oak, ash, crab or fruit trees, in order to make the said lands arable or mowable; the said lessee to pay the chief rent and any other dues and to repair and maintain the said house, buildings and fences with timber supplied by the said lessor; the said lessor having the right to cut, fell and carry away timber at all convenient times during the said term and free entry and exit for the same as well as for holding or keeping any courts at or in the said manor house; these courts were to be held at the pleasure of the said lessor at which the said lessee at his own cost was to provide for the steward of the said lessor and his companions and for the jury of tenants assembled at that time, meat and drink for a dinner and also hay and provender for 3 or 4 horses. Signed: William Attwood by mark. Dated 20 October 37 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: John Addenbroke, Robert Phillips, Hugh Collingworth, Thomas Ichener. Fragment of black wax on tag. English, parchment, 21.5 x 10.75 ins., indented.