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Counterpart of mortgage from Richard Fullewod' esquire to Thomas Mountfort the elder esquire, William Bryscowe, William Leycrofte, Simon Hodyngton', and John Benford' of certain lands in Toneworth' called Berefordeslondes and Partegreven; to be void if the said Richard paid £40 as follows: 20 shillings at Michaelmas next and 20 shillings at Lady Day next or within 15 days of the said feasts, and so continue annually until the said £40 was repaid. Dated on the Vigil of Corpus Christi, 14 Edward IV. Witnesses: William Harrys, vicar of Toneworth', John Grove, Henry Chamber, Robert Warynge, Thomas Freman and others. Two tags with traces of red wax. Latin, parchment, 103/4 x 61/2 in., indented