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Copy of demise from Henry Ferrers knight, Richard Bagot esquire, Thomas Horde esquire, William Charnell' esquire and Edward Wisetowe to Simon Mountfort knight and Alice, wife of John Archer', of the rent of 20 marks to be taken annually; to hold and take the same to the said Simon and Alice to the use of the said Alice during her lifetime [2 terms], from and in the manor of Tonworth' in the county of Warr' and in all the lands and tenements which the grantors lately held together with William Cumberforde and William Dawes, now dead, by the gift and feoffment of Richard Archer', late of Stotfolde in the township of Tonworth'; the said arrears of the said rent 15 days after the said terms. Dated 15 Edward IV. Latin, paper, 121/2 x 53/4 in.