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Writ of mandamus directed to William de Skipwyth and William de Burgh' as justices to hold an assize of novel disseisin upon the writ of John Fulwode of Toneworth' against William Dorley of Yerdeleye and other matters contained in the original concerning a tenement in Toneworth; the said justices to hold the said assize at a place and time appointed for the same, reserving any ammercements for the crown, the sheriff of Warwickshire having been ordered to come before them to make this assize when he was informed of the place and time. Dated at Wetminster, 2 Richard III. Seal of white wax on tongue. Endorsed: [In the same hand] ...a Bustall'q ass' idem ten' non exc' valorem ...a per annum Latin, parchment, 111/4 x 23/4 in.