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Quitclaim from John Archer of Tonworth' in the county of Warr' esquire to John Mountfort, son and heir of Thomas Mountfort of Kyngton esquire, of all lands and tenements which formerly belonged to Simon Lyne of Lyndon' and which property the said John Archer together with Antony, Earl Riveris [Anton Woodville, Baron Scaled and 2nd Earl Rivers, 1442?-1483], Simon Mountfort knight, William Barkeley esquire and John Mountfort esquire formerly held by the gift and feoffment of the said Thomas Mountfort. Dated at Tonworth, 7 Henry VII. Witnesses: Thomas Waryng of Tonworth gentleman, John Baker of Solhulle chaplain, Richard Shawe of the same and many others. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Endorsed: [Early 16th cent] John' Mountefort Latin, parchment, 113/4 x 43/4 in.