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Gift and quitclaim with warranty from John Burgulon' of Drayton Basset [Staffordshire] to John Alcok, Bishop of Ely, Edward Garye, Viscount de Lisle, and John Joce of Byrnyngeham of all lands, tenements, rents, reversions, services, meadows, feedings, pasture, woods, waters and moors in Tonworthe in the county of Warwic' called le Cleburylond'; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Dated, 5 Henry VII. Witnesses: Simon Mountford' knight, Nicholas Browne, John Gryswolde, John Archer' esquire, Richard Boteler of Solyhull', Thomas Warynge of Tonworthe, John Benforde of the same and many others. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [Early 16th cent] Clebere lands [S.A.] in Tanworthe Tanworth Cleobury Latin, parchment, 121/2 x 7 in.