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Gift from Thomas Lee of Kyngesnorton', son and heir of William Lee lately of the same, carpenter, to Richard Lyndon', son and heir of Thomas Lyndon', lately of Kyngesnorton' of three crofts in Tonworthe lying in length between the land lately belonging to John Lyndon' called Rudde croft on the one hand and the wood of the King called Sarehurst on the other, and in breadth between the land of Richard Fulford called Roselande on the one hand and the lane leading from Cleobury Crosse Wey towards the wood of the King on the other, which property the said William Lee, together with William Fulford', Richard Blyke and John Dolfyn', now deceased, lately held by gift and feoffment of John Lyndon', lately of Kyngesnorton', and which descended to the said Thomas Lee on the death of his father, the said William Lee, the said William outliving all the other co-feoffees; to hold to the said John Lyndon' and his lawful issue for ever, or in default to pass successively to the following persons and their lawful issue: to William brother of the said Richard, to Thomas Brother of the said William, to John uncle of the said Thomas, to William brother of the said John, to Henry Brother of the said William, to Richard Lyndon' brother of the said Henry, to Katherine sister of the said Richard, to Margery sister of the said Katherine or in default of such lawful issue the property to pass to John Bentford', John Dolfyn', William Eueshawe and Thomas Sydenhale husbondman, to hold to the use of the church of Tonworthe for masses and prayers to be held in the said church for the souls of the said John Lyndon' the father and Alice his wife and the souls of all the faithful. Dated at Tonworthe, 14 Henry VII Witnesses: Henry Aschewell' bailiff of Tonworth', John Whelar of the same, Thomas Lee of Solihull', John Fulleford' of the same, John Avery and many others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1 in. Latin, parchment, 14 x 71/2 in.