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Monkspath in Tanworth


Abstract of proceedings in a case, beginning Michaelmas 18 Henry VII [1502], between John Archer, through Richard Wyllys his attorney, plaintiff, and Thomas Hawe, lately of Solehull', barbour, through John Boteler his attorney, concerning 6 acres of pasture in Toneworth' which the said John claimed that the said Thomas held as of the manor of Monkespath in Toneworth' for homage, fealty and scutage to the king, 40 shillings when due, 10 shillings and the rent of 9 pence to the said John [2 terms] and suit of court at the 3 weekly courts of the said John, as the said John was seised of the land of William, father of the said Thomas, in the time of Edward IV, which rents due the said Thomas had not paid for 2 years, from 6 January 17 Henry VII [1501/1502]; all this the said Thomas denied. Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 13 in.