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Agreement between Edward Belknap' esquire, sheriff of the county of Warr' and John Archer esquire concerning the trial of a case of trespass: namely that whereas Richard Salter and others had taken an action of trespass against the said John Archer and others before the Justices of the court of Common Pleas for taking timber valued at 10 marks, which action the said John and others had contested, by reason of which the said Edward by writ od venire facias directed to him as sheriff had been ordered to convene a jury for the trial of the said issue, the said Edward now agreed at his own cost to provide a jury to try the said issue for the said John according to his title and if John gained the judgement he was to pay the said Edward 10 marks, 5 marks on the day of the said judgement and 5 marks on the following Michaelmas, provision being made for the payment of 20 shillings by the said John to the said Edward if the said Richard and others be ' in the said action by any manner of weys'; the said John also agreed that if he came to an agreement with the said Richard before the assize after this date he would pay 10 marks to the said Edward. Dated, 17 Henry VII. 2 applied seals through paper tongues. English, paper, 12 x 8 in.