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Sale from John Archaar of Tonworth' the elder to Richard Yelshaw of the same of all the wood, timber and 'yerdes' in a grove called Kyntlondgroue growing within the banks of the said grove; to hold from this date for the term of 2 years for the sum of £4, 26s. 8d. at Michaelmas next, 26s. 8d. at Lady Day next and 26s. 8d. at the following Michaelmas; the said Richard to 'tythe' the said wood and 'tyne' a hedge to save the underwoods for the term of 4 years; the said Richard to fell the wood at the proper seasons, i.e. from this date until the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross [3 May] and for a week after and then to cease felling until the Exaltation of the Holy Cross [24 September]; the said John to define a way through Kyntlond to carry out of the said grove at all times of the year all manner of woods, timber, bark, 'colys' and 'hurdyllys'; the said Richard was not to touch any trees growing on the banks of the said grove, nor to carry away any fell any firewood or coal in carts or wains, but only the timber, bark and hurdles, nor harm the grass or underwoods in the said 3 days of payment the said Richard was to pay all the sum unpaid at that time, the said Richard was also to pay to the said John Archer on Palm Sunday next 3s. 4d. and for every wain or cartload of firewood or coal carried out of the said grove 12d. so that the said Richard should 'coole' the said wood and carry them out in bags. Dated, 6 Henry VIII. Fragment of red wax on tag. English, parchment, 10 x 63/4 in., indented.