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17th century copy in the hand of Simon Archer of a conveyance in lieu of marriage rights from Richard Coningsbye of Solersnend Salpo gentleman and Danuel Benford of Tanworth gentleman to Sir Edward Ferrers knight: whereas the said Sir Edward had the wardship of the said Daniel during his minority and ought to have the marriage of the said Daniel, and whereas the said Daniel by a bond of 26 November 15 Henry VIII [1523] bound himself to pay the said Sir Edward £20, the said Daniel for the satisfaction of this £20 and in return for 15 pence annual rent now conveyed to the said Sir Edward 3 crofts in Tanworth called Shorthalf in the tenur of Richard Ballamy, a croft with meadow and woodland called Copefeyld and a croft with adjoining meadow called Mary otton in the tenure of William Barne, all in Tanworth; the said lands called Shorthalf and Copefeyld being held of the manor of Tanworth, formerly of the Earls of Warwick, then in the hands of the King, by fealty and 8 shillings annual rent; the said Edward now agrees to pay 4 shillings of this 8 shillings annual rent and the said 15 pence annual rent. English, 2 sheets of paper, 8 x 121/2 in.