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Lease and sale from John Archer of Tonworthe gentleman to Henry Flavell and Robert Thorpe of the timber in a grove in the Wyndmylne fylde; to hold for 3 years with the woods and timber growing on the said grove 'without levyng of ony samplers'[young trees left standing when others have been felled] from the daye of this document with the right to fell and carry away the timber at the proper time, i.e. to fell every year before the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross [3 May] and to carry away before the feast of St. John the Baptist [29 August]; the said John to inclose and hedge the said grove at his own cost, the said lessees to pay all tithes and to have the right of a way through the said grounds to the highway at the said times for the carriage of timber. Consideration: 4 marks. Dated, 12 Henry VIII. Fragment of red wax on tag. English, parchment, 81/2 x 51/2 in., indented.