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Bargain and sale from Richard Archer of Tonworthe in the county of Warr' esquire to John Oldnale of Rowyngton' yeoman of 2 pastures or closes with meadows in them lying in Tonworthe, formerly belonging to Henry Swon', lying between the highway leading from Henley to Birmyngham on the west, a brook running from Shirley hethe to Prattespole on the east, the lands of Thomas More called Wallmedowe on the north and the lands of Thomas Swon' on the south, together with the deeds realting to the same; to hold for ever, the said Richard granting an annuity of 26s. 8d. to the said John to secure peaceful possession of the said lands; the said John to have right of distraint on all the lands of the said Richard for non-payment or arrears of the same, if he was disturbed in his possession of the said lands. Signed: Rychard Archar'. Dated, 19 Henry VIII. Diamond shaped seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letters R E separated by a love knot. Endorsed: [Memorandum dated 19 May 12 Elizabeth, (1590)] that this deed and another dated 12 May 20 Henry VIII [1528] from Richard Archer to John Fulwod, John Oldnall' and other concerning the said lands was delivered to William Atwood' alias Taylor by Robert Farr' and Katherine his wife, to be kept for the use of Andrew Archer and his heirs, to be given to the said Andrew when he reached the age of 21 years, so that the said Andrew could fulfill the covenants in indentures made between Edmond Colles esquire and Robert Farr' dated 7 January 9 Elizabeth [1566/1577] to be kept and observed by the said Andrew and his heirs. [Contemp] Maister Archar English, parchment, 18 x 121/2 in., indented.