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Lease from John Clerkson' of Whyttyngton county Staff, gentleman, to Richard Archer of Tonworth' county Warr', esquire of a tenement or curtilage with lands and rough pasture in which John Dunstall' then lived in the lordship of Tonworth' county Warr' called Barnneffyldes, and another pasture in Tonworthe with a moor called Swaynesdyche in the tenure of Thomas Wescote of Tonworth'; to hold from 2 February next for 21 years, for the annual rent of 25s. 8d. [2 terms], the said John to have the right of distraint after 4 weeks and the right of re-entry after 8 weeks for non-payment or arrears of the same; the said Richard only to cut timber or wood for enclosing the said pasture and for fuel, to pay the chief rent and to repair and maintain the said lands, except for the great timber which the said John was to supply from the said lands. Mutual bond in the penal sum of £5. Dated, 21 Henry VIII. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a trefoil pierced by a triangle, on a shield within the triangle, three lozenges on a bend. Legend: S' Endorsed: [Contemp] richard archer [Later mid 16th cent] writynges for ffare [S.A.] now Ric Huntes land called Barnesplace Concerning Rychard Huntes land called Atbarnes held by of me by the sixt part of a knyghtes fee English, parchment, 22 x 113/4 in., indented.