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Contemporary copy of a feoffment with warranty from Robert Fulwoode to William Willington, Thomas Holte esquire, William Sheldon, son and heir of Ralph Sheldon, Thomas Wyncote, Edmund Dally and John Fulwode the elder gentleman of the manor of the grantor called Fulwodes within the lordship of Tanworth', with all land and rights pertaining to the same, excepting certain messuages and lands granted to Margaret Fulwod', wife of the grantor, for the term of her life; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, the said Robert granting seisin to the said John Fulwod so that the said John and his co-feoffees might make a gift of the same to Richard Fulwod, eldest son of the grantor. Original signed: Robertum Fulwod Dated at Tanworth, 23 Henry VIII. Witnesses: Richard Archer esquire, Alfred Thussell esquire, Ralph Alen clerk, Henry Chessere, Thomas Persons, son of John Persons and many others. Latin, paper, 81/4 x 121/4 in.