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Lease for the lives of lessees from Richard Archer of Tonworth' esquire to William Barne of Tonworth' and Elizabeth his wife of 2 pastures and 1 toft, one pasture and the toft lying in Tonworth' next to the land of Baldwin Porters between the highway from Brymyngeham to Warrwyk' on the one hand and the land of the Gild of Henley, the said Pasture being called Fardons, and the other pasture called Welfyld, lying in Tonworth' between the meer of the parish of Solyhull' on the one hand and the meer of the lordship of Tonworth' and the highway to Warrewyk' on the other; to hold for the lives of the lessees from the present date for the annual rent of 13s. 4d. [2 terms], the lessor having the right of distraint after 6 weeks and the right of re-entry after 12 weeks for non-payment or arrears; the lessees to take tynsell and heybote to make closures and hedges and also to pay 12 pence annually to the chief lord for the chief rent and heriot to the said Richard after the death of either of them according to the custom of the lordship. Dated on the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Lady the Virgin 23 Henry VIII. Tag for seal English, parchment, 141/2 x 91/4 in., indented.