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Feoffment with warranty from John Waryng of Toneworth' county Warr' yeoman to Henry Grene, Thomas Wheler, Richard Browne, Edward Hollyoke and Henry Auerell of a pasture with adjacent meadow land in Toneworth' called Jurdens which the grantor purchased from Thomas Stokes gentleman, 12 June 37 Henry VIII [1545] and also a tenement and meadow land in Tonworth' called Hoddyes, formerly in the tenure of Joan Hollyoke widow and which once belonged to the second chantry and which the grantor purchased from Kenelm, Clement and John Throkmerton, 25 June 7 Edward VI [1553], [see DR37/1/1311]; to hold for ever to the use of the said John Waryng and Margaret his wife from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Seisin granted to the said feoffees. Dated, 1 Mary. Fragment of red wax on tag. Witnesses to livery of seisin endorsed: Henry Wescotem, Thomas Browne, William Wholocke, Thomas Wescote, Henry Hunt and others. Latin, parchment, 131/4 x 8 in., indented. [conterpart at DR37/1/1317]