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Confirmation of lease for 99 years, together with lease of other lands for 79 years from Richard Archar of Tonworthe county Warr' esquire to Harry Hunt of the same tanner and Elizabeth his wife [see DR37/1/1264]; whereas Margaret Archer, late mother of the said Richard, and the said Richard Archer on 31 May 13 Henry VIII [1521] leased to Harry Hunt, Eizabeth his wife and Thomas their son 3 parcels of land in Tonworthe called Newlande, Budlande and Master Wyllyms hethe, to hold from 8 April then past for 99 years, paying rent of 7 marks 2s. 4d. to Margaret during her life and to the said Richard after her death, the said Richard upon receipt of £20 now assured the said lease to the said Harry and Elizabeth for the remainder of the said term with conditions as defined in DR37/1/1264 relating to timber, except timber in a copse called Newlande coppice; that the said Richard now leased to the said Harry and Elizabeth 2 closes in Tonworthe called Appultons Seuerall and Appultons Comen with a piece of arable land adjoining the 2 closes in Henfelde on the one side and Budland on the other; to hold from 31 April last for 79 years for the annual rent of 5s. 4d. [2 terms] the said Richard having right of distraint for non-payment or arrears; the said Harry and Elizabeth and Richard Archer having timber rights as defined in DR37/1/1264, the said Richard paying the chief rent etc. Signed: Rychard Archar' Dated 10 February 33 Henry VIII. Diamond shaped seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., Endorsed: [18th cent] lease from Margaret Archer to Hunt of pastures called Newlands Hublands for 99 yeares English, parchment, 22 x 113/4 in., indented.