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Lease for 10 years from Richard Archard of Tonworth county Warrewyk esquire to Harry Hunt of the same place tannar' of a pasture or close in the lordship of Tonworth county Warrewyk called Brownes of the inheritance of Clarksons, with all that part of Richard's great pasture called Pyrrehull' in Tonworth, lying in length from the said pasture called Brownes as far as a meadow of the said Richard called Blakmore, and in breadth between a pasture called Stokkyng unto a field of the said Richard called now being sown with wheat and so from the wheyt fyld up by the bank by the corner of the said pasture called Brownes with a furrow from the highway called Brownes grene to the same adjoining; to hold from this date for 10 years, paying annually one red rose on the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist [24 June] if demanded, but no other rent as the said Richard has received from the said Harry £10 in full payment for the said rent; if the said Harry was disturbed in the said tenure he was to have the right to enter a pasture of the said Richard called Shipcotefyld and a grove called Shipcote grove as compensation; the said Harry to have sufficient heybote and tynsell to enclose and hedge the said lands, the said Richard to pay the chief rent and other charges on the same; the said Richard bound by a bond of even date in the penal sum of £20 to perform the said covenants. Dated, 34 Henry VIII. Endorsed: [Contemp] Hunt [18th cent] Lease of Ri: Archer to Hunt of Lands neare Blakemore English, parchment, 171/4 x 101/2 in., indented.