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Lease with warranty for 6 years from Richard Coterell' of Toneworth' county Warr' taylor to Mistress Maud Archer of the same widow of a pasture called Brownes in Toneworth' which the lessor lately held by lease from Master Richard Clerkson of Whyttyngton county Staff; to hold from the feast of the Purification of Our Lady next [2 February] for the annual rent of 6s. [2 terms], the said Richard having right of re-entry after 4 weeks for non-payment or arrears of the same; the said Richard also reserving the right of entry and exit at all times during the said term to cut and carry timber. Dated, 38 Henry VIII Witnesses: Ralph Alen clerk, vicar of Toneworth', Thomas Pynder, John Turnar and many others. Traces of red wax on paper. English, paper, 81/4 x 6 in., indented.