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Tanworth Nuthurst


Gift from Richard Middelmore esquire to Robert Fulwode, son and heir of Richard Fulwode esquire, and Margaret Mitton', daughter of John Mitton' esquire of a pasture in Toneworth in the county of Warr' called Huntlond', another pasture called Haylesfelde, a croft lying next to the tenement of Alice Waryn' called Birchycroft, another pasture called Hethlond', another pasture called Berfordlond' with an adjacent meadow, except one wood in the said pasture called Berfordgrove, also another pasture called Pertgreves, another pasture called Foxcroftes, one pasture in the parish of Notehurst in the county of Warr' called Gretpeches and another pasture in the same parish called Rodyng; to hold to the said Robert and Margaret and their lawful issue for ever, or in default to the rightful heirs of Richard Fulwode, father of the said Robert, for ever. The said Richard Middelmore appointing cornelius Middelmore attorney to deliver seisin. Dated at Toneworth', 2 Richard III. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. Endorsed: [Early 16th cent] Midlemor [Late 16th or early 17th cent] Middelmore Landes in Tanneworth' and nutehurste given by middlemore feoffee unto Robte Fulwood sonne and heire of Richard Fulwood and margarett his wife and to the heires of the bodie of the said Rbte Fullwood Latin, parchment, 91/2 x 53/4 in.