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Sale with warranty from Richard Fulwode of Tonworth' to James Othemere late of Beoley, coliar, of all the timber and wood growing in the great wood called Fulwodes woode lying fast by the manor of Fulwode for 20 marks 13s. 4d. on the day of this sale, the rest to be paid as follows: 5 marks on the day of Mary Magdalena [22 July] next, 5 marks on Christmas day next, 5 marks on the day of Mary Magdalena following in the second year and 5 marks on Christmas Day in the same year; the said James to have 3 years taking of the said wood and timber if he was not able to take it all in 2 years after the date of this sale and was to begin to fell at All Hallows [1 November] next and to fell in seasonable time of growing so that the underwoods were not hurt by felling in unseasonable times; the said James to take all the wood felled in the first year during the period of 11 months during the period of 11 months after the next All Hallows on pain of forfeiture to the said Richard of all the wood and timber left from the first year's felling, and the said James was to forfeit each year all wood and timber left if it was not taken away in the manner aforesaid; the said James was not to cut any Timber or wood growing on the borders and banks of the 'compasse' of the said woods, which was reserved to the said Richard and was to leave 500 branches of oak and ash of the best quality in the most convenient, profitable and beautiful parts of the forest; the said James was to make a strong hedge around the said wood at his own cost to save the underwoods for the term of 4 years and to make strong and sufficient gates for his carriage as often as it should be necessary; the said James was not to allow any of his carriers to damage the underwoods and to assure that they shut the gates. Sureties for the said James: Richard Yelshawe of Tonworth', Robert Waryng', John Ashell' the elder and John Holyock the younger of the same. Dated at Tonworth', 11 Henry VII English, parchment, 133/4 x 9 in., indented.