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Feoffment with warranty from Kenelm Throkmerton, Clement Throkmerton and John Throkmerton esquires to Humphrey Bragg of Nuthurst county Warr' tanner of a croft in Toneworth and all messuages, lands and commons on Toneworth in the occupation of John Pocoke, lately belonging to the chantry of Tonworth called the second chantry, together with all woods on the same and with all reversions, rents and services, as fully as the grantors held the same by letters patent from King Edward VI, 24 June 7 Edward VI [1553]; to hold for ever from the King as of his manor of Eastgrenewiche county Kent in socage and not in chief. Appointment of attorney by the said grantors of John Fulwode the younger of Tonworth gentleman, Thomas Grene and Richard Wescote yeoman to deliver seisin. Signed: Kenelm Throkmerton, Clement Throkmerton John Throkmarton Dated, 7 Edward VI. 2 circular seals of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., the letters A T under a decorated canopy, divided by a mullet. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a merchant's mark. Witnesses to livery of seisin endorsed: John Fulwod' the younger, Richard Prykett, William Johnsons and John Johnsons and others. Latin, parchment, 181/2 x 81/2 in.