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Lease for 99 years from Sir Robert Throkmerton county Warr' knight to Daniel Hunt of Toneworthe husbondman of the herbage of woodland in a coppice of the said Sir Robert in Tonworthe called Countessclosse coppice lying in breadth to the east to land belonging to the said Daniel Hunt called Countessclosse and to the west to a lane called Lady Lane, and in length to the south to lands of William Cotterell and to the north to lands of Thomas Grene called Bettesworthe, reserving to the said Robert all the woods and underwoods in the said coppice with right of way to cut and carry the same; to hold from the feast of the Purification of Lady Mary the Virgin last past [2 February] for 99 years for the annual rent of 5s. [2 terms]; the said Robert having the right of re-entry after 6 weeks for non-payment or arrears of the same; the said Daniel not to pasture any cattle or beasts when the said wood was being cut nor for 2 years afterwards and after this 2 years not to pasture any cattle or beasts on the same which were likely to bruise or harm the young 'spring' of the said wood until this danger were past. Signed: Robirt Throkmerton Dated, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary Endorsed: [Contemp] Danyell Hunt for Countes Coppyce [S.A.] A Lease thereof graunted in the seconde yeare of Q Marye for iiijxxxix yeares English, parchment, 20 x 11 in. Attached: Appointment endorsed of Henry Heydon gentleman to collect the said rent at the gate of the said coppice. Dated, Friday 6 May 1642 Witnesses: Robert Cromer Thomas Phippes by mark Memorandum by Simon Archer of re-entry made into the said coppice for non-payment of 2s. 6d. rent the previous Lady Day. Dated 13 May 1642. Witnesses: Jo: Fetherston, Henrie Headon, Willelmum Attwood. English, paper, 71/2 x 6 in., one folded sheet.