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Codborough in Tanworth


Lease for 31 years with counterpart from William Norris knight to Thomas Persones of Tonworth' in the county of Warwic', husbondeman' of the site of the manor called Codbarugh' Halle in the county of Warwic' with the houses built on the same and two adjacent orchards together withe le moote and one fishpond; also one field called Mootefeld' [Motefeld in counterpart], two crofts called Foxecrofte, one croft called Monteford' [Mounteford'] parke, one parcel of land in le Lee Acrez, one parcel of meadow lying next to the chantry land in the same place, two crofts called Weysworth'[Weisworth'], one parcel of land with one parcel of meadow lying between the land of John Seele on the one hand and the land of Richard Archer' on the other, one parcel of land called Foxpecewith all lands and meadows in Foxpece and Pyryhull', one croft called Blakeacres, two crofts called Pipers and Daviescroft, one cottage with two crofts called Mooldes, one croft called Holwey, one croft called Birchfeld' [Birchefeld'], one cottage with one garden called Tappyngesende, one pasture in the same place called Magna Westones, one pasture called Peches, other lands there called Hameviled, lands there called Goodharplond', two other pastures there called Litel Westones and Ailemer' and one other croft there called Beggerscroft; to hold the same from the following Michaelmas for 31 years paying annually £6. 16. 8d. [2 terms]; the said William to maintain and repair all the houses built on the said manner, but the said Thomas to be responsible for the plastering of the said houses and the maintenance of all hedges and ditches and to return the said property at the end of the said term in as good condition as he received it; the said William to pay all rent and dues pertaining to the said property and the said Thomas to have the right to take during the said term enough timber growing on the said lands for housebote, haybote, firebote, ploughbote and cartebote and all subwoods growing on the said lands except oak trees and ash trees ['except' clause missing in counterpart]; the said William to have the right of distraint if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears at any of the said terms and the right of re-entry after 3 months. Dated 20 August 14 Edward IV. Lease tag for seal with traces of red wax. Endorsed: Lease [Early 16th cent] Codbarugh' [Late 16th or early 17th cent] Norys et Persons Counterpart [Early 16th cent] Codebarroo [S.A.] The persons lease of Codbowe other landes in Tanworth Latin, parchment, 13 x 9 in., indented.