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Sale from Richard Archer of Toneworth' in the county of Warr'wyke esquire to Dom Thomas Leson' clerk, general receiver to Sir William Compton knight, of timber growing in or upon pasture of the said Richard called the Newlandes, Maister Willyams heeth and Blake croftes and in the 'vtterborderes, hedgerowes and stakerowes' of the same in Toneworth' then in the tenure of Henry Hunt the elder, timber growing in pasture called the Stokkyng' and Shepcotefylde and Shepcote grove and timber growing in a croft called Appultons Severall' beyond the hedge between the said croft and Shepcotefylde of Shepcote grove, reserving to the said Richard trees growing in the stakerowe of the hedge, standing in length between the pasture of the said Richard called Pyrryhill' and the said grove called Shepcote grove from the one end of the said grove to the other, all the trees standing after the hedge between the meadow in the tenure of John Fulwode called Blakemore and the field called Stokkyng, a parcel of the said hedge between Pyrryhill' and Shecote fylde from the corner of the grove lately feld in the corner of Pyrryhill' unto a pasture called Brownes, also reserving 22 score trees growing on the said lands to maintain the mounds of the same which were to be marked by John Fulwode gentleman and Dom' Ralph Alen' priest at the appointment of the said Dom Thomas Leson; the said Richard also reserved one principal 'wooke' growing at the corner of Newlandes next to the house then inhabited by Henry Hunt; the said trees to be felled and carried away within 5 years from this date with free entry and exit for horses, wains and carts at all convenient times, with permission to have as many ways to the same as was convenient times, with permission to have as many ways to the same as was convenient for the markets adjoining the said wood for the carriage and sale of the same, making enough gates to save the tenants harmless; the hedgerows in Stokkyng' to be felled first at the proper times to save the underwoods of the same, and all trees in Newland' to be lopped not felled by the roots and to be cropped at the proper times so that they might by 'spryng'; warranty by the said Richard against Simon Hyatt and Margaret his wife, mother of the said Richard, concerning her rights of dower; for payment of £60, £50 to be paid to George Thromerton esquire within 10 days in part payment of the marriage money of the said Richard and the receipt of the same to be given to the said Richard together with the remaining £10. Bond from the said Richard in the penal sum of £100 to secure the performance of covenants. Dated, 18 Henry VIII. Fragments of red wax on tag. Endorsed: [Late 16th cent] The sale of woodes to Sir Will Compton English, parchment, 131/4 x 10 in., indented.