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Lease from Humphrey Archer of Tonworthe esquire to Dame Alice Townysend of Ludlow, widow, mother-in-law of the said Humphrey, for the upbringing and marriage of his two daughters 'beyng now yonge and tender of age' as well as for the marriage of the two sisters of the said Humphrey, then of full age, of the manor house of Omberslade with the park, gardens, orchards and polls belonging to the same in the parish of Tonworthe, 2 pastures called Heythe croft and Brode croft lying together with a pool in Brode croft, a pasture and meadow called Wynmylfylde with an adjoining croft, a pasture called Pyrryhyll together with a piece of ground called Roughe field and Pese field, a meadow called Blakemore, a pasture called Dunscroft with a long meadow, a messuage with certain meadows and pastures late in the tenure of Henry Hunt as appears by a lease lately redeemed by the said Humphrey from Elizabeth Hunt widow, certain lands in the common field called Heynfyld, a pasture in the occupation of Henry Ballamy, 2 pastures called Ewe field and Lullymham together with meadows belonging to the same for which the said Humphrey redeemed a lease from John Fulwood the elder gentleman, with the condition that the said Humphrey would pay the said John annually 20s. if the said John did not have the use of the said lease, and also 2 crofts of land called Berry and Byrche crofts, the said Humphrey reserving the great timber growing on the said lands; to hold from the death of the said Humphrey for 21 years for the annual rent of £20 4s. 8d., for the said manor house park and pools £3, for the pastures called Hethe croft and Broke croft with pool 4 marks, for the pasture called Wynmylfyld and adjoining croft 26s., for the pasture called Perry hill with Roughe field and Pese field 4 marks, for the meadow called Blakemore 26s. 8d., for the pasture called Dunscroft with the long meadow 30s., for the messuage and meadow of Henry Hunt £5, for the lands in the common field 16d., for lands late of Henry Ballamy 31s., for 2 pastures called Ewe and Lullyngham 15s., for 2 crofts called Berry and Byrche crofts 7s., upon condition that the said Alice within three months of the death of the said Humphrey should give this deed together with all the said premises to Alice, then wife of the said Humphrey, the said Alice having timber rights to repair the said mansion house and the house late of Henry Hunt during the said term. Signed: Alyc Touneshend Dated, 1 Elizabeth. Tag for seal. Witnesses endorsed: by me Edmonde Fullwood', by me John Survior vicar, by me William Perkes clerk of Tanworth, Robert Farre, William Arwode alias Tayler, Thomas Perkes of Ludlow, Robert Sigwicke, William Clarke alias Berber, Henry Touneshend' English, parchment, 191/2 x 13 in., indented.