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Bargain and sale with warranty from Baldwin Yelshawe of Vllenhall in Wootton Wawen yeoman to Edward Wholiocke of Tanworth yeoman, for £5, of 20 acres of land in a common field of Tanworth called Henfylde, 6 lying between the land of Master Archer called Blackemore to the east, the land of William Balamy to the north and west and the land of William Ladkyns to the south and the remaining 14 lying together between the said land of Master Archer to the west, the land of William Balamy to the east and abutting on a meadow of the said Baldwin called Cassewell meadow to the south, which land lately belonged to the dissolved chantry of Lapworth; to hold for ever from Queen Elizabeth as of her manor of Barkeswell, by fealty and in free socage and not in chief. Dated, 6 Elizabeth. Tag for seal with fragments of red wax. Endorsed: Witnesses to livery of seisin granted 14 November, Thomas Yelshawe, James Norris, Richard Magett and others. Endorsed: [Contemp.] pro terr' in Henfyeld [Late 16th or early 17th cent] Bargain sale of 20 landes in Henleile from Yelshawe to Ed: Holiock 9ber 6to Eliz: Latin, parchment, 14 x 83/4 in.