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Bargain and sale with warranty from Edmund Fulwood of Tanworthe gentleman and Joyce his wife to John Collett of Nuthurste yeoman of pastures called Lenthurste, one pasture called Smythes orchard and one pasture adjoining the same lying by the highway leading from Henley to Byrmyngham and the dwelling house of the said John on the south and the said pastures called Lynthurste on the west; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, excepting one lease granted to Simon Baldewyn and the said John Collett for 21 years, after the expiration of one other lease granted to Robert Barnehurste of the said premises. Dated, 13 Elizabeth. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Endorsed: [S.A.] The counterpart of the sale from Edmund Fulwood of Lenthurst and other land in Nuthurst to John Ed Collet English, parchment, 181/2 x 11 in., indented.