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Lease for 27 years from William Mountforte of Kingeshurste gentleman to William Atwood, otherwise known as Taylor of Tanworth yeoman for £26 of a tenement called Davies tenement with 3 crofts and a meadow belonging to the same, one of the said crofts called Davies, another, now divided, called Pypers and the third called Poolecrofte, adjoining a pool called Codborroughe pool, the said meadow being called Tylecrofte meadow, all the said property being in Tanworth, late in the tenure of Daniel Atkins and now of the said William Atwood; to hold from this date for 27 years rendering annually 24s. [2 terms] and 2 capons at Christmas; the said lessor having the right of distraint for non-payment or arrears of the same after one month and right of re-entry 24 hours after the said distraint; the said William Atwood to maintain the same and to surrender the said property at the end of the said term, to pay all chief rents due for the same and a heriot of 20s. within one month when due and to pay suit of court to the manor of Codborrough Hall when summoned; the said William Atwood to have sufficient timber for repair with tinsell and fyrebote. Signed: Wyllyam Mountfortt. Dated, 22 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: John Jeffrey, John Bab, William Halles and others. Tag for seal with fragments of red wax. Endorsed: [Contemp] Davies house This lease expireth 4 December 1607 English, parchment, 191/2 x 12 in.