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Bargain and sale from Thomas Wescote of Tanworth tanner to Joan Hillman of Reddiche in Terdebige, Worcestershire, widow for £185. 13. 4d. of a messuage called Collyns place with its buildings, 6 parcels of land called Collens land and a pasture, now divided, into 4 parts, with a meadow at the end of the same called Swannesdiche or Swannesdyches, all this property lying together in Tanworth between the Queen's highway leading from Tanworth church to Hockeley Heath, the land of William Mountforte esquire called Systons, the land of the heirs of Richard Gryswolde and Richard Sergeant deceased and the lane leading from the park of Andrew Archer on all sides; to hold freely for ever. Reciting: 1. Lease of 26 September 9 Elizabeth [1567] from Thomas Wescote to John Atkyns of the said messuage and 6 parcels of land to hold for 21 years from 25 March [1568] rendering annually £5, now to be paid to the said Joan. 2. Lease of 25 March 17 Elizabeth [1575] from Thomas Wescote to Richard Haselocke of the said pasture and meadow called Swananesdiche to hold for 18 years rendering annually 46s. 8d., now to be paid to the said Joan. Signed: Thomas Wescote. Dated 8 May 22 Elizabeth. Witnesses: Henry Feeld, Robert Harper and John Boulte. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. English, parchment, 26 x 133/4 in., indented.