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Bargain and sale with warranty from Richard Fulwood of Tanworth esquire to John Browne of Tanworth weaver for £3. 6s. 8d. of one croft in Tanworth, lying between the land of John Warynge, the land of Robert Farre and the Queen's highway on all sides, then in the tenure of the said John Browne, together with all woods and subwoods; to hold for ever freely except for one lease made by Richard Fulwood esquire deceased, grandfather of the grantor, to Thomas Parsons, late of Tanworth, of the said lands for 99 years rendering annually 2s. 4d., which rent was now to be paid to the said John Browne and also 1d. rent due to the chief lord. Dated, 24 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Weste, Edward Hunt, John Boult Seal of red wax on tag English, parchment, 163/4 x 111/4 in., indented.