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Lease from Richard Fulwood of Tanworthe esquire to Richard Palmer of Borton on the Hill, Gloucestershire, esquire, for £120 of the manor house called Cleehall alias the manor of Fulwood with lands in Tanworthe and Nutthurste, being bounded by lanes and highways adjoining or near the same; also a pasture called Michers land in the tenure of the said Richard Fulwood in Tanworth; to hold from Lady Day next for 6 years rendering annually £40. Signed: Ry Fullwod' Dated, 24 Elizabeth Witnesses: Robert Palmer, Thomas Trussell, John Stevyns, Stephen Burmor' Tag for seal with traces of red wax Endorsed: [Contemp.] Mr. Palmer his leasse. English, parchment, 221/4 x 151/2 in., indented.