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Assignment from Thomas Ilshewe of Tanworthe yeoman to Robert Mathew alias Atkins of the same carpenter for £3, of a lease of 9 January 2 and 3 Philip and Mary from Dom Thomas Ilshew, priest, survivor of trustees, to the said Thomas Ilshew 2 crofts of land in Tanworth together with a cottage newly built upon the same, then in the tenure of the said Dom Thomas, for the term of 81 years, rendering annually 4s; to hold for the remainder of the said term at the same rent, the said Robert also paying the chief rent; the said Robert was not to assign the said property to any person other than the said Thomas during the said term. Dated, 24 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: Hugh Wagstaft, John Nocke and Richard Browne and others. English, parchment, 171/4 x 213/4 in., indented.