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Agreement between Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire and Richard Fulwod' of the same esquire relating to a conveyance of 10 October 1583 [DR37/1/1449-1450] from the said Richard to the said Andrew, which conveyance is to be void if the said Richard on 25 March 1585 paid to the said Andrew £190. Signed: Andrew Archer Dated, 25 Elizabeth Witnesses: John Archer, Edmund Browne, William Havle and others Memorandum of altered words, 31 April 1584, witnesses: William Couke, Edward Brown Memorandum that this document was shown to Robert Cook and Edward Brown at the time of their examination at Solihull' 'before us'. Signed: Robert Arden, Robert Burgoyn. English, paper, 121/4 x 16 in., indented