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Probate of the Will of John Stanton of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman whereby he confirmed the settlement he had made upon his wife for her life and then to his eldest son Thomas also he bequeathed to his children John and Elizabeth £300 each upon attaining 21 years, and if either die before attaining 21 years then £400 to the survivor and the other £200 to his heir male then in being and in case both the Testator's sons Thomas and John should die under 21 years, then he bequeathed all his interest in a meadow called the Towne Meadow in Wolverton to his brother Thomas Stanton, and in case all the Testator's children should die under 21 years, then he bequeathed to his wife £200, and £50 to each of his sisters Elizabeth, Susanna, Mary, Sara and Alice or so many as should be alive after the decease of his said children and £50 to his cousin Henry Cookes of Stratford-upon-Avon, son of the Testator's uncle William Cookes late of Pinley Abbey deceased and he appointed his wife to be his sole Executrix and the Testator further bequeathed to his mother his bay mare and colt if she should be in the Testator's lands at his decease and he devised his loving friends Thomas Wagstaffe of Tachbrook esquire, Thomas Stanton of Wolverton gentleman his brother and William Cookes of Snitterfield gentleman his wife's brother to be overseers of his Will. Witnessed by Mary, Sara and Alice Stanton. Proved in the Prerogative Court at Canterbury 1705. Signed Thomas Walham Deputy Registrar.