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Wolverton and Tardebigge


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 28th May 1751 between the Honourable Heneage Legge esquire, one of the Barons of H. M. Court of Exchequer and Robert Harley the elder of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex esquire of the 1st part, John Palmer of the Middle Temple, London esquire of the 2nd part and Richard Wright of Warwick gentleman of the 3rd part reciting the Indentures of 18th - 19th June 1749 recited in DR 38/1062 and reciting that the said John Palmer had before that time mortgaged the said Wolverton Town Meadow to William Charnley for £300 by a term of 500 years (see DR 38/1057) and reciting that John Palmer had further mortgaged the said meadow to William Charnley for £200 and that Ann Charnley widow and sole Executrix of William Charnley having demanded repayment and arrears of principal and interest amounting to £800 the hereditaments (consisting of hereditaments in Tardebigge, Worcestershire and Wolverton were mortgaged to Thomas Ward by a term of 1000 years limited to him for £800 in consideration of which Ann Charnley released the said John Palmer of the said debt of £800 owed to her and assigned the residue of the term of 500 years to Edward Willes esquire serjeant of law in trust for Thomas Ward and reciting that Heneage Legge and Robert Harley in July 1750 had sold the estate at Tardebigge, Worcestershire to Edward Jordan of Birmingham gunsmith for £840, which sum was paid to Thomas ward in part payment of £1068-5-0 then due to him from John Palmer, and whereas the said Heneage Legge and Robert Harley had contracted to sell part of the Meadow at Wolverton to Richard Wright of Warwick for £400 and had agreed that Richard Wright should pay £228-5-0 thereof to Thomas Ward, it was thereby witnessed that the said Heneage Legge and Robert Harley in consideration of £236-16-0 paid by Richard Wright to Thomas Ward and also in consideration of £163-4-0 to them paid by the said Richard Wright conveyed to the said Richard Wright a panel of meadow ground in Wolverton mentioned in DR 38/1057. Signed Heneage Legge, Robert Harley and John Palmer. Seals, a classical head. Witnessed by Forth Winter, John Thompson, Benjamin Caning, Robert Twist and Robert Hunt junior. Lease dated 27th May 1751 of the same property by Heneage Legge and Robert Harley to Richard Wright. Signed Heneage Legge and Robert Harley. Seals as before. Witnessed by Forth Winter and John Thompson. Letter dated 7th May 1751 from Robert Hunt to Richard Wright attorney at law, Warwick concerning the above sale.