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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 21st October 1758 between Richard Wright of Warwick gentleman of one part and Henry Smith of Snitterfield yeoman of the other part whereby Richard Wright in consideration of £400 to him paid by Henry Smith conveyed the share or part of the meadow referred to in DR 38/1057 to DR 38/1066 called Wolverton Meadow or Town Meadow (purchased by him from the Trustees of John Palmer, see DR 38/1064), the whole meadow being in the tenures of Thomas Stanton gentleman, Samuel Cox and William Parkes, and since of Thomas Walford and Richard Wright, and then of Joseph Dudley, to the said Henry Smith and his heirs for ever. Signed Richard Wright. Seal broken. Witnessed by Thomas Sanders senior and Thomas Sanders junior. Lease dated 20th October 1758 for one year of the same property by Richard Wright to Henry Smith. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before. Bond dated 21st October 1758 by Richard Wright to Henry Smith for £900, the condition of the obligation being that Mr. Wright's wife, if she should survive him, should within 3 months after his decease release her dower to the above premises, also the performance of the covenants contained in the above conveyance. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before.